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Chinese New Chemical Materials Electronics Industry Alliance, the second session of the Council held last week in Quzhou, Zhejiang Province. The participating enterprises and research institutes representatives believe that China's high-end electronic chemical materials, high dependence on foreign, must of collaboration by strengthening innovation and industrial chain, and enhance self-sufficiency rate of high-end products, domestic electronic information enterprises are no longer controlled by others.

Electronic chemicals and new materials, electronic information connected to the two new chemical materials industry in recent years, rapid development and expansion of its market size from 2001 to less than one hundred billion yuan in 2014 exceeded 1 trillion yuan. But more than half of the domestic high-end products still rely on imports. Electronic Chemical Materials Industry Alliance Secretariat recently launched a production and demand docking research shows that SMIC, Hua Honghong force, BOE and other domestic electronic information enterprises reflect inability of domestic raw materials used in a wide range of high-end integrated circuit manufacturing mainly limited to two aspects: First, poor commodity chemical purity control; Second, R & D investment is not enough, there is no ability to develop proprietary functional chemicals.

Deputy Director of the Ministry of Industry and Raw Materials Division Pan Aihua said, "Thirteen Five" period of new electronic chemicals, and other chemical materials are facing rare opportunities for development. Accelerate and promote the development of electronic chemicals and new materials industries, the need to strengthen the planning guide, good top-level design; to implement the innovation-driven strategy to accelerate localization breakthrough to promote import substitution; to implement special policies to promote the development of new materials industry; to promote downstream industries cooperation, industrial Alliance is a good way.

Alliance honorary chairman, Semiconductor Manufacturing International Co., Ltd. Chairman Zhou child learn pointed out that with the rise of the panel and integrated circuits, electronic chemicals and new materials are bound to rise, "but the advantage of the enterprise in order to define the product, the definition of the market, to by closely joint research with outstanding enterprises of all sectors of the industry chain, made of real industry, and stronger enterprises, development of the whole industry chain will be a future. "

League Secretary-General Lu Jin said that the Union was actively serve as a platform to promote the electronic chemicals and materials industry collaborative innovation platform for building applications downstream industry chain, to explore effective ways to import substitution, has been noticed. Late, the Union will focus on key areas of large scale integrated circuits, large-size panels, etc. to promote the production and demand of domestic electronic chemicals, materials Zero convergence and achieve coordinated development of the industrial chain.

Giant Group, as chairman of the unit Union hosted this meeting. High-level representatives from SMIC, Giant Group, Fluoride companies, Huaxing power, Institute of Chemistry, Chemical Engineering Research and Design Institute in bright Hao and other units attended the meeting. Giant Group Vice President Zhou Li Yang pointed out that the next step will be the giant of the Union as a platform to accelerate the construction of a trial, evaluation system, promote the application of domestic electronic chemical materials to improve the localization rate. At the same time we try to develop standardized construction and membership services platform to further enhance the service capabilities and Union level.

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